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apartment with mini kitchenette, bathroom. 


- Small living room with:

- single bed

- dining area

- fridge and microwave

- 32 "flat screen TV

- air conditioning-Air source heat pump

- bathroom (shower)

There is a kitchenette between the living room and the bedroom (the door of which can be pulled towards the bedroom)

- 2-seater gas stove

- coffee maker

- toaster

-  dishes and utensils 

- Microwave

- fridge  


there is no washing machine, there are laundromats nearby  

There are linen and towels & change of linen in the closet

Internet that can be used free of charge


- Small bedroom with  135 cm wide bed

- flat-screen TV

- Air Conditioning & Air Heat Pump

The bedroom door can be closed (facing the kitchenette)

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